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Myoko and surrounding ares have a lot more to offer than just being a snow or mountain resort.
Let’s explore the area and get to know the local life and culture with a guide certified as National Licensed Guide Interpreter.
All tours are private, include transportation(except parking fee) for our in-house guests and require minimum two people to be operated.

Please contact us for more details, availability and customized tour option!



Tour No. 1. “Show me the Myoko”

Need a break from long skiing/snowboarding days or simply want to enjoy some shopping, culture and local food?
Visit 2-3 sites from the following:
Local supermarket, fish market & eatery complex, local sushi restaurant, Tachibana (Myoko ramen restaurant), “Kanzuri” farm, tofu house, sake brewery, local farmer’s market with an eatery, Maruni jeans shop, etc.
♦ Tour hours: 10:00-14:00
♦ Guide fee: 2,500/person or 7,ooo yen/car

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Tour No. 2. Funky Monkey “Snow Monkey” Tour

Most popular tour among our guests in winter!
Visit the famous snow monkey in the morning with a choice of visit from Obuse (little Kyoto) or St. Cousair winery in the afternoon.
♦ Tour hours: 8:30-15:30
♦ Guide fee: 6,000/person or 18,ooo yen/car up to 4 people
(Monkey Park entrance fee: 800 yen)

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Tour No. 3 Togakushi Shrine Snow Hike & Soba

Visit the sacred shrine with almost 2,000 years of history. You will walk on the path of 400 years old Japanese cedar trees to the Okusha which is about 2km one way.  Enjoy the famous Togakushi soba after the hike.
♦ Tour hours: 10:30-15:00
♦ Guide fee: 4,000/person or 12,ooo yen/car up to 4 people

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Tour No. 4. Funky Monkey Snowshoeing Tour

♦ Tour hours: 10:00-12:00 / 13:00-15:00
♦ Guide fee:
1. 1,500 yen/person around the lodge including hot drink, snack, snowshoes & poles
2. 3,000 yen/person around Imoriike with a local nature guide
*Rental fee @Visitor Center: 1,000 yen for a set of snowshoes, poles & boots

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Tour No. 5. Seki Powder Run & Loco Visit

Runs only on a powder day.  After free time at Seki Onsen Ski Resort, you will visit Tsubame Onsen and/or local farmer’s market for lunch and souvenir shopping.
♦ Tour hours: 8:20-14:00
♦ Guide fee: 2,500/person or 6,ooo yen/car up to 4 people

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Tour No. 6. Madarao Day Tour

A. Powder Day Tour: Leave the lodge before the Akakura-Madarao shuttle bus for Madapow and tree-run early in the morning.
B. Kids Fun Day @Tangram Madarao Kids Park
C. Snowshoeing tour

Local soba lunch can be separately arranged in the afternoon.

♦ Tour hours: 7:45-15:00
♦ Guide fee: 2,500/person or 7,5oo yen/car up to 4 people
* Snowshoe rental fee (1,000 yen) not included

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Tour No. 7. Lotte ARAI Powder Day Tour

Runs only on a powder day.  You can stop by at a local supermarket or fish market on the way back to the lodge.

  • Tour hours: 7:45-15:00
  • Guide fee: 2,500/person or 7,5oo yen/car up to 4 people (Discount lift tickets available)