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Gallery of 2017-2018 Season Part I (Dec-Jan)
Gallery of 2017-2018 Season Part I (Dec-Jan)


Thank you for coming to Myoko and staying at Funky Monkey Lodge!  We area having a wonderful season!!


From Tokyo & Osaka

Cute girls from Sweden – thanks for the souvenir


Three “good” boys from Australia^^

Canadian DJ snowboarder!

Breakfast time – guests from Finland and Australia


Beautiful couples with a beautiful background

Yeah!! Go Nic!!

Thanks for coming again. Love to see yo again:)

Funky Daniel kun kept coming back to Funky Monkey.

Sweet Tasmanian boys!!

Cool Austrian boys with the snow statues made by Wakana & Hiroshi


Kanpai to 2018!

せり鍋! Nabe with lots of Japanese veges and mushrooms

Spicy Korean/Japanese Teppanyaki! チーズダッカルビ・ナイト☆


Gyoza Session

Waffles for breakfast

【Lodge & Staff】
Funky Monkey Lodge drone movie (Dec. 5th,  2017)


Akakura Kanko

Lotte ARAI Resort

Maeyama BC GoPro映像(YouTube)

Yukiita雪板セッション (YouTube)


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